Subtle Energy Medicine Table Work

Certified Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner since 2012 through Luminous Body Integral School of Energy Medicine.

Subtle Energy Medicine is a holistic form of healing that allows one to access places in our consciousness and body that hold on to what no longer serves us, and facilitates a release. A more expansive view is introduced as stuck energy begins to move and allow healing energy to flow in. Whether suffering is expressed physically, emotionally, and/or mentally, subtle energy is the most fundamental aspect of self, and thus can be a powerful level to address the issue.

Subtle Energy Medicine can not only alleviate what is causing our pain, but actually awaken our dormant potentials. We access our unique gifts, our higher awareness and develop our capacity for heart-centered lives that are a direct expression of our greatest self. As a Luminous Body practitioner, Olivia uses a wide range of techniques and healing modalities within the framework of working with subtle energy. Each session is different. As a practitioner, Olivia Fae Stadler brings in a unique combination of skills to best serve each individual client.

Everyone's experience is different. Some possible benefits include:

  • Process physical or emotional trauma
  • Gain clarity in decision-making
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve recovery from illness/injury
  • Deepen spiritual sense of self
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Ease emotional pain

One-on-one sessions are fifty minutes long, and begin with a seated discussion of present themes to identify an intention for the session. For example, an intention may be to address a specific issue in life. From there, the dialogue continues as the session transitions to the table for healing work. This can be hands-on if appropriate, and the client is comfortable with physical touch. Clients remain fully clothed for the duration of the session. Video sessions are available for long-distance clients not in the Monterey area. Two- or three-day intensives may be arranged for out of town clients wishing to travel for in-person healing.

Table work can be a helpful tool to address a wide range of issues such as trauma release or simply a desire to cultivate a richer relationship to self. Beginning with the client's intention framed in positive language, we begin to identify what blocks the client from experiencing that intention. Often, that block is felt in a specific area of the body. Blocks are dense or stuck energy frozen in place. As we bring presence, compassion, and support to the blockage, change occurs. There may be a momentarily increase in sensation (such as tension, contraction, fear...) as more awareness is brought to the area. It can be common to emote or make sounds. Perhaps a momement wants to complete. Sometimes, all that's felt is numbness, and that's okay, too. Then, as a transpersonal healing energy is brought in, the blockage can dissolve or manually be reintroduced to a natural energy flow. This release is often followed by positive emotions such as peacefulness and elation. Each session is completely unique, and this description is just one of many possibilities in terms of form and content.

It may take multiple sessions to cultivate trust and allow the system to relax in order to do the work. Frequency of sessions is entirely up to the client, although it is valuable to take time in between to integrate new insights into daily life. Meeting once a week to every other week is most effective.

Testimonials of Subtle Energy Medicine work

"Olivia quickly and masterfully got to the point - my point. With tremendous authenticity and compassion, Olivia really saw me and prompted me to truly see myself. I feel this is where true healing can occur. I'm definitely transformed as a result."
– Cari L.

" My wife and I were searching for some powerful soul-work when we met Olivia. She has a self acknowledged reputation of getting down and dirty (in a good way) to the spirit-centered heart of the matter. She has an amazing gift for seeing into the soul of another and then offering profoundly meaningful guidance. Any time spent on Olivia's table are truly "majikal" moments."
– Richard L.

"I have had the pleasure to work with Olivia for the past two years. She is a very loving and caring person. The healings I have recieved from her are amazing! She digs deep, in a gentle way. I recommend her to anyone interested in getting work done."
– Brad H.

"Olivia's immense talents are a gift to the world! Her energetic presence is calming, caring, and healing! Olivia understands "the work" because she does "the work!" She is a living example of transformation through healing! After a session with Olivia, I feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful. Give your spirit a gift and go see Olivia!"
– Lorraine G.

"My session was so helpful in focusing my intention in love. I ended up feeling such clarity and peace of mind. Thank you so much for your calm focus, meditative nature, strong ability to allow the soul force of the universe to flow through with compassion, love, affection and all at the perfect speed. You have an innate sense of your own healing medicine."
– Holly H.

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