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Olivia Fae Stadler, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) #LMFT115228.

Embodied Psychotherapy with Olivia Fae Stadler

With awareness comes choice...

About Us

Welcome from Olivia

I warmly welcome you as you are, and hold a safe space for your growth and healing as your guide, witness, and companion.

I'll bring my non-judgmental curiosity, unconditional acceptance, and collaboration into our work. I'll also challenge you when appropriate. I identify as a highly sensitive person (HSP) of gifted intelligence, both of which support this process.

My approach is mindfulness-based and grounded in somatic, psychodynamic, and transpersonal theories. I am certified in the Hakomi method of experiential psychotherapy. I also incorporate a number of modalities in my work – including Drama therapy, Gestalt, IFS, AEDP, Polyvagal theory, and the Adult Attachment Repair Model – so I can tailor treatment to your individual needs.

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Services Provided

Psychotherapy sessions are in-person at the Pacific Grove office location when possible. Online telehealth appointments are also available.

Individual Therapy

Are you ready to move from surviving to thriving? Therapy isn't just for when you're in crisis. We all yearn to become the best version of ourselves.

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Couples Therapy

Deepen trust, intimacy, and authentic connection with your partner.

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Adult Family Therapy

Make hard conversations easier between adult children and parents, step-parents, siblings, and other family members.

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Trauma Therapy

When trauma is present, a specialized somatic approach to therapy becomes all the more important.

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Top Specialties

A wide variety of issues can be treated with psychotherapy in individual work, couples work, or family therapy.


  • Developmental trauma, complex trauma, childhood trauma, C-PTSD, little "t" trauma)
  • Abuse (sexual abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse)
  • Acute trauma (Big "T" trauma)


  • Communication
  • Boundaries, codependency
  • Attachment
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Breakups, divorce


  • LGBTQIA+ friendly
  • Sex-worker friendly
  • Kink & BDSM friendly
  • Monogamy, open relationships, ethical non-monogamy (ENM), polyamory, polycules
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Video Introduction From Olivia Fae Stadler, LMFT



Olivia Stadler works with a broad range of presenting issues, including the following.

  • Personal growth, depth work, and spiritual exploration
  • Multicultural experiences, first generation Americans
  • Religious family backgrounds
  • Self-esteem, identity, finding your voice
  • ADHD in adulthood, in relationships
  • Career
  • Anxiety and stress

  • Fears and phobias
  • Dissociative disorders
  • Psychedelic integration
  • Perfectionism, obsessions, compulsions
  • Transitions
  • Grief and loss
  • Chronic illness

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Consultations are 20 minute videoconference calls using Zoom. You can also call, text or email to schedule. 415-964-0892.

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Olivia is a gifted, extraordinary person who went on to become an extraordinary therapist. I personally came to Olivia to deal with a mountain of problems that I suspected were tied in some way to a trauma I had as a child. Although I expected to talk and be listened to, I was totally unprepared for the experience of being listened to by Olivia. She seems to listen at dozens of levels at once -- in a deep, quiet, attentive, detailed, and profoundly compassionate way. It made me feel seen and heard in a way I had never experienced: it was healing in itself. As we found our way to important insights about me, they rang with a truth so obvious that I had trouble understanding how I could not have seen them sooner. When I was in pain, some of it excruciating, Olivia's presence made it possible for me to bear. Even when we were connected only by video, I deeply felt her immense compassion and care. It came from her not just as a therapist with superb training, extensive knowledge, broad competence, and strong professional discipline, but also as a human being with a deep sense of spirituality and love. I quickly came to realize that in working with her, and for the first time in my life, I felt there was no problem, fear or pain that I could not face, accept, and heal. I strongly believe that if you are lucky enough to have made it this far and find her, you will forever thank yourself for taking the next step.


Olivia has been there for me thru many life changes since early 2021. I initially started seeing Olivia as a couple's therapist while my partner and I were navigating our alternative relationship and vastly different attachment styles. It was a successful journey and I am so grateful for Olivia's support thru that. This year, I realised that I needed to go back to therapy and work thru some personal issues. With the approval of my partner, I started solo therapy with Olivia and have grown and learned so much about myself. She has wonderful insight and helpful resources, and I highly recommend her!


I have been very fortunate to have Olivia in my life for the past 2 years for therapy. She has been such a valuable asset in my spiritual growth. She has a lot of grace in her ability to keep you present and mindful. I really enjoyed her guided meditations and the somatic work she did on me. She really helped me untangle a lot of my emotional trauma and navigate my feelings in such a compassionate way. I feel like my openness and self acceptance are a big part from the work I have done with her. She has spiritually changed my outlook on not just myself, but also on life. I am forever grateful for our time together and would recommend her to anyone looking for somatic work and any sort trauma work.


Olivia is extraordinary. I went to see Olivia with my partner for couples therapy. I got so much more than I expected. Olivia knew how to engage a queer interracial couple from two different socio-economic background, two different generations, and two different histories with therapy. That's a lot to navigate. And she did so in a manner that left me feeling heard, seen, understood, and validated. She knew the issues queer men face. She was well versed in racial dynamics, unconscious white privilege and ancestral wounding. And she had deep insight into how histories of class and family upbringing impact present day relationships. As the kids today would say- She's "Woke". And again, Olivia integrates all of this with solid tools, exercises, theory, and experiential engagements that brings the therapy to life. What I also appreciated was Olivia's multivalent approach to therapy. It was intuitive, embodied, energetic, spiritual, and relational. And I could tell it was backed by her incredibly intellect, academic expertise, and diligent skill building. I gained so many tools to help me in relationship building. I've been a substance abuse counselor for years. I've worked with some of the most underserved populations who have the most challenging histories in my community. And Olivia taught me so much with her skill and insight. Her ability to compassionately call me on my own "stuff" was superb. She helped unveil the blind spots I'd been unconsciously operating under for years. She's the type of therapist that healers need to see. With Olivia, My healing process took a quantum leap. I went in to address issues in my partnership and ended up learning how to have healthier relationships with myself in addition to all the beloveds in my life. Go see Olivia. Take the leap. And learn how to fly!